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Hair Care Tips

Hi everyone! Check out some tips to keep your hair extensions healthy and shiny everyday:

💛 Wash it only when necessary. To much shampoo may dry your hair.

💛 Try not to use hot water, cold or room temperature is more reccomended.

💛 Use a gentle hair extension shampoo (sulfate free) for better results.

💛 Don't brush your hair to vigorously when they're wet.

💛 Keep your extensions moisturized by using masks, conditioners, and leave-in appropriated for your hair type.

💛 Add one tbs of coconut or avocado oil to your favorite hair mask for a deep conditioning.

💛 Avoid conditioner on the bonds (tape) area to prevent extensions to fall off.

💛 Let you hair air dry when possible. Avoid the use of hot tools as much as you can.