Recommendations for Using R Hair Extensions Products and Limited Warranty Terms

Please read all recommendations and warranty terms before using the products.

- Human hairs are unique products, therefore they can vary in texture although they might carry the same description on the label. All the extensions come stylized from the factory, so the occurrence of a slight texture change after being washed is not uncommon. If you want to keep the extensions straight, we suggest you to blow dry or flat ion the hair. If you prefer the hair wavy, you can style it with a curling iron. When using hot tools, avoid high temperatures to prevent damage or color changes (do not exceed 180 ° C or 356 ° F). If you want to see the natural texture of the hair, wash it before applying and let it dry naturally. If the natural texture of the hair is not as you would like, we can exchange it for another extension as long as it has not been applied.

- Although hot tools can give you a perfect style, they are not the best friend of your extensions when it comes to durability. It is better to let the hair dry naturally. If you would like to use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron, we recommend setting the temperature of your tool at 120C/250F degrees or lower. Never dry the extensions upside down to avoid the hair from getting tangled.

- We recommend not using any chemicals on the extensions. The application of any chemical process (Brazilian keratin, permanent, coloring, bleaching) will result in loss of warranty automatically. However, if you want to apply a chemical process to your extensions, we advise you to do a test on a small piece. If the result is satisfactory, complete the application of the chemical on the rest of the extensions. Also, keep in mind that each hair has a different origin and the fact that they might not react equally to the chemical does not characterize that it is not natural human hair.

- Do not brush extensions too vigorously to prevent them from loosening. Comb from the bottom up, with gentle movements. Use soft fiber brushes such as Wet Brush brushes. It is essential to maintain a routine of combing your hair to avoid knots.

- Use mild shampoos and conditioners, preferably sulfate-free. A moisturizing mask once a week will help keep your hair silky. Wash your head with gentle movements and always from top to bottom. Keep in mind that shampoos should only be used on the scalp contrary to conditioners or masks that should be used from the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair.

- Chlorine, Sea Water and Sun Exposure may cause the blonde/ashy colors to turn into a brassy orange/pink shade. Also, be aware of the cosmetic products used. Find out if they are suitable for hair extension; in doubt always take a test before. You must not use any sunscreen that contains Avobenzone since it creates a chemical reaction with the extensions turning them salmon pink or orange. Some of the brands that do not contain Avobenzone are Beautycounter, Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen, Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen, Target Up & Up Mineral Sunscreen. In addition, some types of products like permanent make-ups, shampoos, and oils, can stain especially the blonde colors. If exposed to any of the four elements mentioned, the ash pigment will gradually be removed, leaving an orangey/pink tone by revealing the natural red pigment of the hair extension. This process may happen to your own hair as well, although it usually is more intense on the extensions since they are not attached to the scalp, therefore, don’t receive nutrients from your body. To reverse and/or prevent this process from happening, we highly recommend the use of purple shampoos or masks on a weekly basis. We also highly recommend the use of shower filters.

  - At bedtime, going to the pool or beach, and playing sports, you should wear the extensions in a ponytail or a braid, to avoid tangling and formation of knots in the hair. Never go to bed with your hair and the extensions wet.

- We do not recommend mixing hair from other suppliers or of different textures in the same application.

- Do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions not clarified through these recommendations of use.

Specific Instructions for Each Method / Extension Type

Tape Extension:

- After the application, wait two days to shampoo your hair. We do not recommend doing any type of treatment such as deep conditioning or Brazilian keratin prior to the application of the Tape Extensions. Your hair should be only washed with a clarifying shampoo.

- We recommend using a flat nose plier to press the tape “sandwich” to ensure they are well attached to each other, avoiding air bubbles in it. 

- When washing, avoid conditioner in the area of the adhesives.

- The expected duration is from 4 to 6 weeks, but the durability will be subject to the type of your hair and lifestyle; the more oily the hair, the shorter the duration of the tapes.

- Extensions can be reused through maintenance to apply new adhesives. We do not recommend using the same hair more than 3 or 4 times.

- Tape Extension is a sensitive method, so it is normal for some adhesives to come off before the scheduled maintenance.

Keratin Tips:

- We do not recommend cutting the Keratin flat-Tips before the installation. The amount of keratin on the tip is just enough to hold the hair avoiding shedding. If the Keratin Flat-tip is cut, the guarantee will be revoked.  

- When applying, do not overheat the tips (set the temperature of your tool to 150C or 302F). Stop heating the tip before you hear the sizzling sound.   

Hair in Bulk:

- A natural feature of bulk hair is the loss of up to 30% of the hair in the preparation process for application. This is not considered a hair problem.

- If you are not satisfied with the Artisan Bulk Hair you purchased, please contact R Hair immediately before making any changes to the product.

- Since they are raw hair, they vary significantly in texture. Bulk hair (as opposed to hair already prepared such as Tape and Keratin Tips) did not undergo the process of removing the shorter threads, and therefore may contain strands of different lengths in a single package.

Limited Warranty Terms R Hair Extensions

If there is any dissatisfaction with the product, the customer has up to 14 days from the date of purchase to report it. Each complaint made within this period will be analyzed individually. If the product presents a manufacturing defect, R Hair will compensate the customer in the best possible way, always aiming at his/her satisfaction. The exchange of products that have not been used or modified must be requested within 14 days from the date of purchase. In no case, the money will be returned. The terms of the Limited Warranty do not extend to damages not caused by the manufacturer; including but not limited to:

- Damage caused by chemicals. Hair with any chemical process will automatically lose the warranty;

- Damages resulting from improper use of chemical products (bleaching, coloring, chemical treatment, or cutting of keratin adhesives and glues);

- Errors resulting from attempts to repair or modify the product;

- Defects resulting from failure to follow the “Recommendations for using R Hair Extensions products”.

- In case the tape adhesives fall off in an abnormal quantity in a period of 14 days after the purchase, we will give new adhesives free of cost. Since it is not considered a problem with the hair itself we cannot exchange for new packs of extensions.

- Dry hair, split ends, or brittle hair are not considered manufacturing defects. Those are characteristics that may appear on any human hair. They may have been caused by excessive sun, ocean, or pool exposure, excessive use of hot tools, lack of moisture (application of hair mask and oils), etc.

- Hair that changed the color can be prevented and, sometimes, reversed by the regular use of purple masks and shampoos and by avoiding the use of some products that contain minerals responsible for this process to happen (some sunscreens for example). In case this happens, the exchange for new extensions will not be made.