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Hair Extensions - Dos or Dont's


It's Thursday, let's finish the week with some great tips to keep your extensions in excellent condition:⠀

✔ Use a proper brush with soft bristles such as @thewetbrush. Try to brush your hair a few times a day to avoid unwanted tangles from happening. Hold your hair to brush the ends so you won't make to much pressure on the bonds (where the extensions are attached to tour hair).⠀

✔ Stay away from any shampoo containing high amounts of sodium, such as the clarifying ones. Always opt for a natural or moisturizing product to keep your extensions soft and not over dry. ⠀

✖ Don't use excessive heat. Try to limit the use of hot tools, and when opting for the styling tools set is at a lower temperature. ⠀

✔ When washing your hair is better to opt for cold water to close the pores and make your hair healthy and shiny.⠀

✖ Never back brush.⠀

✔Always thoroughly dry your roots and the bonds.⠀

✖ Don't mix your #RHairExtensions with other suppliers' hair as the textures and quality may not be the same, causing tangling issues.