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How to blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair Perfectly


Short hair doesn't have to be forever. If you're tired of your short hair look, here are few tips for a seamless, natural look using extensions.

πŸ’› The amount of hair matter. The thicker your hair is, the more extensions you need to apply.

πŸ’› Invest in layers. For a good transition from your hair to the extensions, a layered hairstyle is the most recommended.

πŸ’› Use a face-framing hair cut. This will give you a natural transition and make the extensions seamless.

πŸ’› Add waves and curls. Waves let the extensions less obvious than straight hair.

πŸ’› Mix different shades to add dimension. Hardly anyone has only one hair color, so combining at least two different shades will make your extensions look more natural.